Russian girl Aleksandra


Name Aleksandra
Age 28
Date of birth 03 Jun 1991
Residence Ukraine, Ilychevsk
Height 177 cm 5'10"
Weight 60 kg 132 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color blond
Eye color green
Education University
English level good
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation Tourism manager


I think each girl can speak days and nights about herself, and I am not an exception. =) I am not sure I believe in the magic influence of the astral signs on the character of person, but sometimes I think the stars exert influence upon us. My astral sign is Gemini, so I am very diverse person, and every day you will be able to open new sides of my personality. I am very sensitive person, sometimes I take regular things close to heart. At the same time I am goal-oriented person, I know what I want in this life and I will do everything to reach my goals. I am quite romantic person. Sometimes I dream that I have great adventures with my beloved man somewhere on uninhabited islands, where every day we enjoy the beauty of the virgin nature, exotic flora and fauna, where we have a possibility to devote all the time to each other, to spend every minute together, where we can enjoy the sunrise and sunset of the each day… I am also very cheerful girl. I go with a smile on my face through the life and try to take all current events with sense of humour. I enjoy each moment, the life is too short to waste your time on trifles. You will be never bored with me! I guarantee!

Ideal Type

An ideal man is a darling man, who will stay in my heart forever. I think it can be a real gentleman with the rich inner world and mood manners.