FAQ: everything about dating with Russian bride

What is Beautiful Helen?

Beautiful-Helen.com is one of the leading online-international marriage agencies, which satisfy our customers is our primary goal. We do not provide sexual services. Our main goal is to find a life partner. We provide our members with safe and secure environment to communicate with each other. In addition, we present the most innovative technology, which allows you to chat "live" as well as communicate via email, Chat and Live Video.

We carefully select the ladies on our website, working with the most trusted local institutions located throughout the former Soviet Union. Profiles of our ladies are not confirmed, if our local independent representative is not personally talked to a lady and have not checked her passport and phone number so you can confidently write the girl of his choice knowing that her identity has been verified. You can be sure that no fake profiles, photos, you see the real thing; girls are not married and are interested in creating a family. You can also check how real the girl with my own eyes through our video chat technology is. See for yourself by simply clicking your mouse!

In the Beautiful-Helen has a team of dedicated staff, so you can contact the technical support team 24 hours a day, but customer service quickly and effectively responds to the questions of our customers. Moreover, we are pleased to announce that in addition to providing a high level of service to our customers, we are the most cost-effective online international marriage agency. We offer the most advanced technology in online dating today. Thus, our price to value ratio is the best in the industry. We are proud to assist you in your search for your Russian woman of your dreams!


Creating your profile...

To begin correspondence with the ladies on our site, please fill out your profile. Your profile will tell the ladies about yourself. To begin creating your profile, please click on "Join Now" . Please include the latest pictures of you and do not be afraid to tell the lady a little about yourself.

Hope you understand everything, but there are some basic guidelines that you should keep in mind when setting up the profile of:

Please enter your nickname and password that will be used to log into your personal page. Enter this Email. On it you will receive a link on which you will be able to activate your profile.

Please enter your name and your last name. You can use your pseudonyms, but simple nicknames, such as ABC 123 and others as well as the names of celebrities will not be accepted.

Please include your photos. Sorry, but all the cartoons, nature scenes, and any other photos, that is clearly not YOU will not be accepted. And sorry man, but full nudity is strictly prohibited. We love when our clients feel confident and sexy. Nevertheless, we are not a porn site, so please no nude photos.

Vulgarity is not permitted in profiles of our members. Please, keep in mind that if you include profanity or vulgarity in your profile, it will not be accepted, it means that your profile will not be activated for the lady members to see.

Contact information is only allowed in the appropriate areas. We inform you that your contact information will be deleted, if you add in inappropriate places.


What's so cool about finding a Russian woman?

You mean besides having a beautiful woman to share your time with? Well, how about a woman who is not only beautiful, but intelligent and sophisticated at the same time, someone who expresses a deep passion for life and for love. Beginning to get the big picture?

Look, we all love beautiful ladies. That's a given. But with age comes wisdom, and as we mature, we realize, there's more to a woman than a beautiful face. If there's no substance to a person, no personality, no feeling, no passion, what's the point?

You may think Russian women are the most beautiful women you've ever laid eyes upon. Guess what? That's not the only thing they have going for them. They're scholars and intellectuals, theatergoers and art lovers, dreamers and inventors. They have substance!!!

With a Russian woman, you can discuss world topics or literature, or appreciate a painting or a sculpture. You get the whole package, beauty and brains. What's more, you'll soon realize that she has more personality and zest for life than any of the women you've dated previously. A beautiful woman who trumps all those before her? Now that's cool!


What is a confirmed profile?

Most of the ladies on our website have confirmed their profiles. This means that local representatives have met with a lady, interviewed the lady and she has been proven to present a passport or other document confirming her identity. Additionally, you can confirm the identity of the lady using Live Chat, Live Video Chat or by watching her introductory Video.


Is it too good to be true? These women are hot! What gives?

We've made it a point to select some of the most stunning single women Russia has to offer. When you couple that with the fact that European women, especially those from Russia, take great pride in their appearance, it should come as no surprise that the ladies who participate in our program wish to make the very best possible impression with their photos. That's why many of them choose to invest the time and money to have their photos taken by a professional. So, while these women are indeed "hot," that doesn't mean they are any less available. Is it hard to believe? Read on!


I'm no stud. What would these girls want with me?

You tell us! A mistake that most men make when pursuing a beautiful woman is thinking they just aren't good enough for her or couldn't possibly compete with all the other men who must be knocking down her door. WRONG! You know as well as we do that EVERY man (including YOU!) has something special to offer a woman. Sometimes you just need the courage to show her.

Many men assume that all women are overly concerned with a man's appearance and how much money he makes? Sure, some are, but we know from experience that most Russian women aren't. In general, Russian women do not place undue importance on their partner's appearance or how deep his pockets are. They love their men for who they are on the inside and what they can bring to the relationship, not what they look like on the outside or how much money is in their bank accounts.

So what do you have to offer one of our ladies? Not quite sure? Well, are you prepared to be completely honest in your relationship, providing your full support whenever it may be needed? If so, you've already got what it takes to make one Russian woman very happy. All you have to do is write her! That's where we come in...


Is it safe to make purchases on Your Web Site?

The answer is, definitely!

We have a security certificate that guarantees our web site is protected. The latest technology ensures that all credit card transactions are encrypted information that is locked and cannot be retrieved for future use by anyone.


Are the women paid to use the site?

None of the ladies are paid to use our service. They come to the agencies out of their own determination, setting aside time out of their day to communicate with the men they prefer.

Not only is it grossly unethical to pay someone to pretend to be interested in someone else, it would also be a poor business practice for a site aiming to facilitate correspondence between two people who are genuinely interested in each other. We want our members to find love and recommend us to others looking for love as well. Engaging in such a practice as compensating the ladies for using our site would severely compromise our mission and our vision.

It also goes without saying that we do not allow any type of monetary exchanges to take place on our site. Though some men feel that the best way to show their affection to a woman is through presents, we only permit such exchanges to take place through our own personalized gift shop.

This way if there is a dispute or discrepancy it can be handled quickly and effectively through our customer service department.


Some of the letters don't sound very sincere, why is that?

More than likely what you are reading is an Introduction Letter sent by the lady. It's important to remember that the ladies, just like the men, have the ability to send a first-time e-mail (Introduction) to a man she has yet to meet. When you first meet someone, what is it that you talk about? Normally the topics of conversation are your likes, dislikes, personal history, and motivations for wanting to meet someone new. This is exactly what these e-mails were designed by our members to accomplish.

The ladies' capability with the English language may also be a factor as well. While some can speak English eloquently, they may have trouble writing it or comprehending certain words or phrases. Most, if not all, require translators to assist them with their letter writing, which may account for the jumbled and not very fluent tone of the messages.

The process of communicating with these women requires patience and understanding. There are only so many ways that a person can describe themselves without sounding repetitive or trite. One must also consider how the women may view your e-mails, too. When you consider how many e-mails she may receive over time it is only logical to assume that she's heard just about everything there is to say. Yet despite this, they continue to write and look for that special someone. All that we ask is that while using our site you do the same.


If I change my mind about the girl, do I have to pay?

Short answer: Yes ... and we are happy to explain why.

First of all, we must establish our responsibility to you as you are our member. Beautiful Helen goal is to provide a place where our members can communicate with each other in hopes of developing a successful relationship. Thus, we are responsible for providing e-mail services, Chat and Live Video for our members

For these reasons when you buy a membership and / or credits, you officially buy the right to communicate with our girl members via Chat and Live Video and / or e-mail services. Credits can also be used to buy gifts, Introductory Videos, etc.

In other words, when you buy a membership and / or credits, the contract is made between yourself and the Beautiful-Helen. You have agreed to pay us for using our service, and we have agreed to provide you with the services of using our site (which is communication with our girl members via Chat, Video Chat, or by e-mail). So when you use your membership benefits and credits to talk to girl members, we have kept our end of the bargain in providing services for which you have paid. In such cases, sorry - no refunds!

Unfortunately, when dealing with "matters of the heart," all may not go as you had expected from a lady. It is unfortunate but sometimes the relationship just did not turn out. However, because we are not matchmaking services, we can not be held responsible in case of failed relationship. It is impossible to guarantee the relationship because, in truth, the success of relations depends entirely on the couple involved in a relationship.

Therefore, we can not be responsible for costs of using our website if ...

1. You change your mind about the lady and prefer to communicate with someone else

2. She changes her mind about you and wants to talk to someone else

3. You had quarreled and no longer interested in each other

4. All of 100 reasons to change your mind that are beyond our control

However, if you think that a lady is not genuine or if there are technical issues that you cannot solve, please contact us for immediate resolution.


What is the most efficient way to use your service?

Most of our members use the email service for initial introductions only, and when they find a few women whom they are interested in, they'll schedule times with the ladies to use our instant messaging service. From that point forward, they will usually only send emails to the ladies when the ladies are not available online to chat.

Our members tend to prefer instant messaging over sending emails because it provides for immediate results. You type your message, and the lady sees it a few seconds later. Plus, if she's streaming video, you can watch her expression as she reads what you sent. This form of communication proves to be much more gratifying and interactive than emailing. It is also very efficient, considering that you are chatting with someone in real time and do not have to wait hours or days to receive a reply.


What is a Back Video Chat?

When you talk to a girl she may want to look at you. The girl will send you a request for connection to your camera. You will have pop-up window with the request. You can accept or reject the offer by pressing the appropriate buttons.

Costs of Reverse video chat are as follows:
Bronze Member - 2 credits / min
Silver Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)
Gold Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)
Platinum Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)


How much does Live Chat, Live Video and Back Live Video?

To use Chat, Live Video and Back video chat, please first log in our website using the username and password. If you do not have a profile, you can register on our website absolutely free of charge here. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the link "Forgot password" located on the page.

Once logged in, you'll see "Ladies Online" menu on the left side. Click on "Ladies Online" button to see which ladies are currently logged on.

If you want to start a conversation with any of these ladies, click on the button that displayed just below her photo.

She will receive an invitation from you and chat window will open for you. As soon as she accepts your invitation, you will receive a message from her in the chat window.

If a lady invites you to chat, you will see a pop-up window that shows who would like to chat with you. You can view her profile before accepting a chat session. If you do not want to talk with this lady, just click "No thanks" and the lady will be notified. If the girl's webcam is on, there will be a link" Video On "in the chat window. Please click here or click on the blinking camera icon in the gallery ladies to see view Live Video.

Back video chat:
When you talk to a girl, she may want to look at you. The girl will send you a request for connection to your camera. Do you have pop-up window with the request. You can accept or reject the offer by pressing the appropriate buttons.

The cost for Live Chat are:
Bronze Member - 2 credits / min
Silver Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)
Gold Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)
Platinum Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)

The costs for Live Streaming Video are:
Bronze Member - 2 credits / min
Silver Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)
Gold Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)
Platinum Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)

The Costs for Reverse video chat are:
Bronze Member - 2 credits / min
Silver Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)
Gold Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount)
Platinum Member - 1 credit / min (50% discount) the use of chat and Live Video and reverse video chat, you can communicate with more than one lady simultaneously. Additionally, you can use any combination of services, i.e.
Chat and Live Video,
Chat, Live Video and reverse video chat
Chat and video chat back

However, using any combination of services, charging will take place simultaneously, which means that if you use all three services at the same time, you will pay 3 credits per minute (1 credit for a chat, a credit for the video chat and a credit back to video chat) for silver, gold and platinum members, and 6 credits per minute for bronze members (2 credits for a chat, 2 credits for video chat and 2 credits for reverse video chat).

Introductory letters are included in all plans. Follow up messages are only included in the Gold and Platinum memberships. The Silver membership includes 10 free introductory letters a month, Gold membership includes 30 introductory letters and 10 Follow Up letters in the next month. Platinum membership includes 50 introductory letters and 30 follow up letters in the next month. Thus, the Platinum membership is the most cost effective option. Every membership is valid during thirty days. It means that you should use your letters (First and Second Free letters) during this period otherwise they will be deleted automatically.

Live Chat costs a credit to per minute for paid members (Silver, Gold and Platinum) and 2 credits per minute for a free Bronze membership. Live Video costs 1 credit per minute for privileged users (Silver, Gold and Platinum) and 2 credits per minute for Free Bronze membership. Back Live Video is 1 credit per minute for privileged users (Silver, Gold and Platinum) and 2 credits per minute for a free Bronze membership. Therefore, when using Video Chat, Chat and Back Video Chat the total cost of 3 credits per minute for paying members (Silver, Gold and Platinum) and 6 credits per minute free Bronze membership.

The credit packages shown on the Buy Credits tab are copied here for your convenience.

550 credits for $ 199.00 (36 cents) 35% discount

370 credits $ 149.00 (40 cents) 28% discount

220 credits $ 99.00 (45 cents) 18% discount

120 credits $ 60.00 (50 cents) a 10% discount

55 credits $ 30.00 (54 cents)


How do your costs compared to other similar dating services?

When compared to the services and fees associated with other sites you'll see that ours is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use. Many online dating services charge you to not only read and write an email, but then require you to pay additional fees for the translation of those messages. When you sign-up with one of our Silver, Gold, or Platinum memberships you can read an unlimited amount of e-mail messages for free without ever having to pay extra for translation services.

Our site has also incorporated two of the most innovative communication services to date-real time chat and live video. No other site on the Internet supplies these services at this quality for the low cost we offer. With our services you are getting the highest quality communication tools at the lowest price available. On other sites you may be charged up to ten times more for the video chat than you are charged here. By the way, there are never any minimums on our site to enter a private chat or live video, ever. Unlike what you find with other services, instead of paying a 10 or 15 minute minimum upfront before entering chat with a lady, with our service only the time you spend in chat or live video with the lady of your choice is the time you pay for.


Why are international online dating services priced differently from domestic sites?

There are several things one should know and understand about communicating with women abroad via international online dating services that cause the pricing structure to differ from using traditional domestic dating sites.

While it may be hard for some westerners to imagine, waking up and checking your email from the comfort of your own home is still a luxury rarely seen in the majority of countries our ladies live in. When you consider Russia alone covers 11 time zones it's easy to understand why widespread and affordable internet access is still decades away from what we have become accustomed to in the Western world. Even in larger cities like Moscow, personal computers and in home internet access are not common place and are not affordable for the majority of single women living in the city.

Many women do not have daily access to check their messages and most women have to travel to internet cafes or agencies to get online. When one takes this into account, along with the understanding that the average income for ladies using our services only amounts to between $300- $400 a month USD, it is easy to see why we feel we cannot charge ladies to use our services the way domestic dating sites do. Also while we do not pay women to use our services, we do work with many agencies and company contacts overseas to do everything in our power to help improve bandwidth conditions, computer access and availability at expense to us.

More women choose us because we understand the sacrifices made by these ladies willing to extend their search for true love abroad and we work hard to offer women superior communication tools, like our personal chat and live video features that assist them in making the most of their time online. We try to absorb as much of this cost as possible, but because of these factors and until the technology catches up in the east quality international dating services will always be priced differently than flat monthly fee domestic dating sites. You will find however, while you may pay more to use an international dating service, the quality of women you will encounter as well as the level of service provided is unmatched when compared to services offering only domestic dating.


Why aren't your services free?

We want to assure you that we do everything we can to improve our dating service, including providing our customers with competitive prices. The cost of doing business, that is, wages paid to translators' fees paid to local offices, etc., not to mention the cost of Internet in Russia and Ukraine are much higher than traditional costs. These costs are increasing in Russia and Ukraine over the past 10 years.

We understand and appreciate your request to lower prices and we will continue to do everything possible to provide competitive prices for our customers, while keeping the costs of doing business.

We recommend using the Platinum membership which is the most cost effective solution. It allows you to send 50 introductory emails, and 30 follow up letters = 80 letters for $ 49.99, it is $0.62 per letter. This is the best price in the industry.


I would like to buy a gift. Do you have a gift service?

We have a delivery service gifts. To send a gift you should choose the profile of the girl. When you enter her profile select to "Send" gift. When the gift is delivered we will send you a confirmation photos.


How long does it take to deliver my gift?

Sometimes, gifts are delivered very quickly. However, this does not always happen, and how much time it takes may depend on several factors. For these reasons, delivery of a gift may take up for 10 days. Once your gift is delivered as a confirmation, we will send you photos. If after 10 days you do not receive confirmation, please contact us.


I purchased a gift for a girl in another place? How can I send it to her?

To send a gift to a girl, please request her contact information, because it will allow you to send a gift to her home address.

As soon as she approves your request, her contact information will be sent to you via email.

When you get the home address of the lady, you will be able to mail the gift to her directly. Please pay attention to that courier service is very slow and you should understand that the parcel can go up to 30 days.


Can you guarantee that I have bought gifts will be delivered?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery of gifts. Or, in other words, we cannot guarantee whether the lady will receive your gift. If for any reason we cannot contact with the lady the delivery ultimately canceled and credits spent on a gift back to your account.


How Do I Purchase and View My Lady's Video Clip?

To purchase video clips, please open the lady's profile. Once opened, there is an icon that looks like an Video Slate. Please choose that icon to view the Introductory videos.


What are the introductory video costs?

The costs for introductory video are the following: Bronze member - 60 credits
Silver member - 30 credits (50% Discount)
Gold member - 30 credits (50% Discount)
Platinum member - 30 credits (50% Discount)
Once you purchase the video, you can view it free of charge for 3 days.


Help! I Can't View My Video Clip.

Please be advised that a Flash Player must be installed before viewing the Video Clips. If you do not have a flash player installed, your browser should recognize it and a window or bar should appear with further instructions for downloading a Flash Player. Flash Players are free.

If you already have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed, or if after installing the latest version of Flash Player, you are still experiencing difficulty viewing your lady's Video Clip, please contact us for further assistance.


How can I get a lady's contact information if our relationship is serious?

To be eligible to request contact information from the lady members, Silver, Gold or Platinum members who have retained the paid membership for 3 consecutive months or more must have at least acquired 600 credits per lady to obtain contact information. Information itself will be worth 80 credits.

Silver, Gold or Platinum members who have been paid members less than 3 consecutive months need to acquire 950 credits per lady to request contact information.


I'm Qualified, how can I get a lady's contact information?

Once you are a qualified to receive lady's contact information, please:
1. Login
2. Select the `Account Options` link.
3. Select the `Request Lady's Personal Contact Information` link.
4. Enter the Profile ID of the lady of your choice.
5. Submit your request.

Once she approves your request, her contact information will be emailed to you. To view the status of your contact request, complete steps 1, 2 and 3


I Can't Reach the Lady With the Phone Number You Have Given Me. Can You Help?

To be on the safe side, let's first check and make sure you are dialing her number correctly. To verify, please use this site, www.howtocallabroad.com.

Ok, now that you have checked that you are dialing the correct country codes, etc., please be advised that prepaid mobile phone service is the only available cell phone service in Russia/Ukraine. Therefore, there are several possibilities why you`ve been unsuccessful when attempting to reach her. For example, she may not have been able to buy another prepaid card or she may have turned off her phone.

Also, since the coverage is not as good in Russia/Ukraine, when you attempted to contact her, she could have easily been in an area where calls can`t go through.

For these reasons, we advise that you contact her via email or Chat and arrange a time that would be good for a phone conversation. Also, please keep in mind that because of the language barrier, it`s a big deal for the majority of our female members to receive phone calls from the guys. So scheduling a time to talk with her is a good way to allow her to prepare herself and find a quiet place so she can concentrate on the conversation.

If after you guys have scheduled a phone date and you still have problems contacting her, please contact us for further assistance.


My Contact Info Request Is Pending. When Will I Receive My Lady's Phone Number?

Now that you have requested your lady's contact information, it will remain pending until your lady approves or declines your request. The lady member must approve your request directly from her account. We recommend contacting her and suggesting she contact a representative with her local agency for further assistance. Perhaps this may help speed up your request.

Unfortunately, there isn`t a specific time frame for receiving contact information from ladies because when you receive their contact information depends on when they will be available to approve your request.


What Information Is Included When Receiving A Lady's Contact Information?

Contact information includes the lady`s full name, telephone number and home address. Because internet in Russia and Ukraine is severely expensive, the majority of our lady members do not have internet service. Therefore and unfortunately, email addresses are not included.