Russian woman Inna


Name Inna
Age 49
Date of birth 24 Dec 1972
Residence Ukraine, Poltava
Height 167 cm 5'6"
Weight 58 kg 128 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color black
Eye color brown
Education college
English level intermediate
Marital status divorced
Children Have 1 children
Occupation nurse


I have many features of character which I consider very useful in life: I am open, cheerful, kind, supporting and optimistic. I try to go through this life with a smile on my face. I am a sociable person and I think it is always possible to find compromise with people. I am the real woman and i know how to treat men. I am a cheerful person by nature and I find the common language with other people easily. I have a kind heart and I always help people, who need my help. Ii will be able to surprise my man and he will discover the new sides of my personality every day! Maybe we will find a lot in common and we will have a happy future, who knows. My personality is passion, it is warmth and flirt.I am young and playful, open and charming!I really like my job, it requires attention and rich imagination. Thus I reveal my talents and at the same time helping people. I also like sports. I just can not live without a fitness and dance. I think every girl should love her body. I am honest and faithful, reliable and purposeful! I am ready to give and ready to receive.

Ideal Type

I want to find such person who can become my second part of my heart, soul, and all my life. I want to find such man who firstly will be my best friend.I would love to meet an intelligent and sociable man with a good sense of humor. I don't need a prince, I just need a man who will love me the same way like I will. And we would wake up together at dawn and fall asleep at sunset and his hugs and kisses would always cherish me. I am looking for my dream - an ordinary person with a good character, with a warm heart and love to life.