Russian woman Irina


Name Irina
Age 50
Date of birth 10 Aug 1970
Residence Ukraine, Nikopol
Height 170 cm 5'7"
Weight 57 kg 125 lbs
Body type Athletic
Hair color black
Eye color green
Education college
English level basic
Marital status divorced
Children Have 2 children
Occupation technologist


Nice kitten with a nice figure, kind eyes, creamy skin and cheerful smile. I have a good heart and serious intention about marriage even though I am young. I am very mature, goal-oriented, tender and understanding. I believe that in relationships we should have some own space, but be faithful, loyal, caring. I love children so much and they love me. I want to have very strong and loving family in nearest future. So I hope I will have it with man on this site!!

Ideal Type

My future life partner has to be a real man! I am looking for a sincere and kind man. I want you to be a considerate, loving and regardful man who needs tender, sincere, amazing beautiful lady. I'm looking for someone who is creative in the bedroom. I want to be a part of your life and to make you happy. I want to be the only one your treasure and you will love me so strong as I will love you.