Russian girl Elizaveta


Name Elizaveta
Age 28
Date of birth 24 Nov 1992
Residence Ukraine, Nikolaev
Height 160 cm 5'3"
Weight 44 kg 97 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color light-brown
Eye color brown
Education college
English level basic
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation Office-manager


Speaking about myself I can say that I am such a big optimist in life! I am very cheerful, energetic and active girl. I like to socialize and enjoy spending time with friends. I'm not selfish, and always carefully treat my friends and family. It is not easy to describe myself but I took a try at it) I know that I am an honest, communicative and responsible person. I'm a big dreamer and usually my dreams come true, because I always go forward to my goal!

Ideal Type

I must say that I do not expect to meet the perfect man. I want to find a good man to enjoy family life with. I want to hear the voice of my special person and melt of it) it ‘s man who will be soft, gentle and caring. I need someone who will be able to do everything for me. In return, I will give him in double more love and feelings! The main thing that he could do for me - it's just love me!