Russian woman Dinara


Name Dinara
Age 34
Date of birth 20 Jan 1987
Residence Kazakhstan, Astana
Height 167 cm 5'6"
Weight 55 kg 121 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color black
Eye color brown
Education college
English level good
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation Journalist


I am a person who is demanding sometimes, and who likes to help people become better only if they want that of course. I have many good and some bad sides of my character, but it will be for you to decide which of them are good and which are bad, after communication with me. I think that if we are able to accept people the way they are in life, then it will be much easier for us to build any kind of relations. I love modeling, pose for the camera in different outfits. I love sports as well, fitness mostly.I play our national instrument and sing the song about love. I hope you will see and like it in my video which I have here.Also I love historical movies and detective books. I am very sociable and spend lot of time with my friends. I do amateur photography as well, photo shoots of my friends mostly. I like to travel.

Ideal Type

People need to understand each other and able to have a compromise. That is equally necessary for the relations as the passion and emotions. When these things are combined in the life of the couple. These relations can be called perfect. When people still have things to surprise each other after years being together. Then they will be together for much more time. When people forget about such thing as jealousy. When people don't take each other for granted and live each day as if it would be the last day in their life.