Russian woman Elena


Name Elena
Age 35
Date of birth 11 May 1988
Residence Ukraine, Sevastopol
Height 170 cm 5'7"
Weight 50 kg 110 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color black
Eye color grey
Education college
English level excellent
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation Teacher


I'm an optimistic person, who is rather positive about almost every aspect of own life. My positive thoughts inspire and invigorate my friends and my family. I'm a social butterfly and have friends everywhere, I like meeting new people. Being a philologist, I am a keen on reading books. I always enjoy a good book in evenings and hope that one day I will write my own book. I like watching movies. Also I'm a music-lover and cat-fancier and I have my own beautiful cat. My another hobby is gardening, I'm very fond of flowers. Their beauty always makes me smile. There is a saying that a woman should be "like a chef in the kitchen, a lady in the society, and loving in family". I hope that I comply with all these demands. My family says I'm a good cook, so when I have free time I cook something delicious and tasty. My studies in the university helped me to become well-educated and I have good manners. I'm tender, sincere, compassionate, passionate and sensual. I believe in strong feelings and suppose that honesty is the best policy. Life can be difficult and I have my own ups and downs like everyone else does. But I'm not afraid of any problems. I know that you can't throw a rose and not prick yourself by its thorns. Actually, I suppose I am a combination of a weak lady and a strong person. In spite of my job that often takes a lot of time, I always try to find some spare time for small pleasures such as walking along the beach, visiting cinema, making picnics with my fellows and go shopping. I like to spend time outdoors and admire our amazing Crimean nature.

Ideal Type

I would like to meet a tolerant, loving, sincere man who is mature enough, who could be my strong shoulder, my close friend, my soul mate. I have a lot of love in my heart and I want to give and share it with someone who can receive that love and then give love in return.