Russian woman Svetlana


Name Svetlana
Age 47
Date of birth 18 Oct 1973
Residence Ukraine, Sevastopol
Height 175 cm 5'9"
Weight 61 kg 134 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color blond
Eye color blue
Education some college
English level good
Marital status divorced
Children Have 1 children
Occupation hairdresser


Others will say I'm warm, kind, considerate, empathetic, bright, wise, sensual, free spirited, worldly, passionate, appreciative of the arts, aesthetically aware, loyal, loving, etc - I would like to think I'm a well rounded conscious human being in the broadest sense, open to all things.

Ideal Type

My future husband should be honest, responsible, and smart. I like to laugh, so he should be with a good sense of humor. I like nice and kind men. My beloved should be very attentive in our relationship.