Russian woman Daria


Name Daria
Age 34
Date of birth 05 Jun 1989
Residence Ukraine, Kiev
Height 167 cm 5'6"
Weight 50 kg 110 lbs
Body type Cuddly
Hair color blond
Eye color blue
Education graduate school
English level good
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation photographer


I get along with almost everyone. I am fairly easy going, and I am always interested in doing something new. I like intense late night conversations, I respect our differences as individuals, stay positive when life turns towards its dark sides and tend to take care of problems before they increase.

Ideal Type

I wish to trust, that on a track of a life we shall go with you, having joined hands. Nobody and never will separate us as Adam and Eve... We shall be eternal as the Sodom and Gamor