Russian girl Ksenia


Name Ksenia
Age 28
Date of birth 13 Feb 1993
Residence Ukraine, Kharkov
Height 175 cm 5'9"
Weight 55 kg 121 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color brown
Eye color blue
Education University
English level intermediate
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation Student, model


I am a young woman with a tender personality, a warm heart and a sensual soul. I am feminine, romantic, loving and faithful. I love life and people, I am optimistic and cheerful. I think beauty will save the world so I like to look good and appealing. I am many-sided person. So don`t be surprised, I can be hot and cold, romantic and sad but only for a while, I can be funny and serious.

Ideal Type

I haven't got any ideals and don't want to change him somehow. But I hope to find a kind, honest, romantic man with a positive attitude to life who is ready to be hugged, kissed and cherished by me. I am a treasure you can get!!!