Russian girl Ekaterina


Name Ekaterina
Age 30
Date of birth 01 Jan 1991
Residence Ukraine, Rovno
Height 165 cm 5'5"
Weight 48 kg 105 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color blond
Eye color blue
Education some college
English level intermediate
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation nurse


I am not worse and not better from all Ukrainian women. But I know myself very well, and do not believe when people talk that they can not say about themselves anything. I can, I am very straight and honest woman, woman who all the time talks only the truth and even if very often I suffer from this! But I know that I live by right life! And another feature, I am a very devoted woman and know for all 100% that never betray my man, who I love and who will be everything for me! I am ready go and follow for him for the end of the world. Well, I think that I do not know for this moment a person who likes dance more than me. Do you think that it is not very modest? Yes, maybe! But if I do something perfect, I am not shame of this and you know, I dance professionally. And another and much more important thing which I adore to do it is help to people. When I back after my work, I feel something very warm inside, because I know that people need me and my helping and I really love life and people!

Ideal Type

Ideal relationship-it is something very individual! For example for one couple some type of relationship will be ideal, and another will not live in such way even one day! It is my view on this. That is why as for me 2 people build ideal relationship between them, of course find compromised, because without it, normal relationship is impossible. And I think when people love each other, feel each other and have common attraction, it is ideal relationship!