Russian girl Marina


Name Marina
Age 29
Date of birth 12 Aug 1991
Residence Ukraine, Nikolaev
Height 170 cm 5'7"
Weight 49 kg 108 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color brown
Eye color brown
Education University
English level good
Marital status divorced
Children Have 1 children
Occupation Philologist


I am serious, goal oriented person. I always have my own opinion but I respect the opinion of my friends and close people. I am communicative, creative personality, I am not afraid of responsibility. My friends say that I am kind and sympathetic. Like any person, I have my imperfections – I am a little hot-tempered sometimes but I cool down easily. I try to stay positive and to give people warmth.

Ideal Type

I'd like to meet cheerful, joyful, curious, romantic and serious man, who love life and to live, who can rejoice over amenities of life. It must have been very interesting to communicate with him, that's why he must have a good sense of humour. He must be smart, sympathetic, . I love people who know what they want and secure their objects.