Russian mature Natalia


Name Natalia
Age 55
Date of birth 28 Apr 1967
Residence Ukraine, Odessa
Height 167 cm 5'6"
Weight 64 kg 141 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color light-brown
Eye color brown
Education college
English level basic
Marital status widowed
Children Have 1 children
Occupation designer


I am all that a TRUE LADY shall radiate: feminine, romance, kindness, generosity of my inner world. I am caring, loving and very romantic lady. I accept life as the true God's gift, and that is why I do not like wasting my time in vain. If you open your soul for me, I will give you a sea of love and tenderness! I have found out that I am hungry for new impressions, emotions and people. What else to add... You may ask me about everything. Because it is hard to include your personality in several lines.

Ideal Type

I'm looking for my soul mate. I would love to meet a man, who knows that life is not always a party, but even quiet times can be special.I have a great life and a good circle of friends, however I am missing a good man in my life. I want to meet a man who is reliable, honest, intelligent and has a nice sense of humor)) It would be nice to share beautiful times together and hopefully build something more, something magical, something like a real love. I want.... Someone who will love me for me, fault and all... Someone who can't fall asleep without being his last call... Someone who wants to be my last goodnight and my first hello... Someone who will hold my hands and not let go... Someone who means it when he says I will leave you never... Someone who looks into my eyes and sees his forever...