Russian woman Galina


Name Galina
Age 47
Date of birth 06 Sep 1973
Residence Ukraine, Odessa
Height 165 cm 5'5"
Weight 55 kg 121 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color red
Eye color hazel
Education University
English level basic
Marital status divorced
Children Have 2 children
Occupation Teacher


While my photos will describe my outside world, I will try to tell about my inner world. I am a kind of person who can find solution of any problem. I am very open and I think naive too! Everyone you ask would say, that I have hardworking character. I got used to be in action all the time. I enjoy sport and try to keep fit and healthy. I have two kids and I love them dearly! Since I was a schoolgirl, I was attracted to nature a lot and I was curious about how different creatures live, how all living things function and how it works. Chemistry and biology were my too favorite subjects at school. I studied at the university with pleasure and I still study a lot of interesting things concerning chemistry and biology, I work on different projects and encourage my kids to take interest in nature too. I think it is important to protect environment and teach my children to do so as well.

Ideal Type

I long to meet an understanding man, who wants an honest woman by his side, who loves children, who is serious and supportive. I will do everything for the man I love, I am very faithful I would never betray. I really need to love and be loved, nothing matters to me as much as love, I always dreamt to be with someone who would support and love me dearly, but this dream hasn't come true yet.