Russian woman Viktoriya


Name Viktoriya
Age 36
Date of birth 16 Nov 1984
Residence Ukraine, Kharkov
Height 167 cm 5'6"
Weight 51 kg 112 lbs
Body type Average
Hair color blond
Eye color brown
Education University
English level basic
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation Toaster, singer, artist


Please read carefully!!! Don't judge the book by its cover! I am not a model, i hate modelling business, but i am not afraid to show my sexuality on the pictures, there is nothing bad in this! I am artist, singer, very merry and active person who adores to share positive emotions and laugh a lot! I have perfect sense of humor which my future man would like a lot! At the same time i am calm person, not greedy, i don't blow man's brains off and i never put my own goals in front of family and relationship.

Ideal Type

First of all i don't like men who always cry like babies. What the REAL MAN must do! - have strong hands to keep the women warm and secured - be not afraid to tell his deepest dreams and wishes, be not afraid to share his sexual needs cause it's very important for me - to be able to SEDUCE a woman! - tell me directly what he is thinking about me It's not the end of the list but very important points for me. I don't ask for so much, i prefer give more that i get. Just the feature of my character.