Russian girl Ksenia


Name Ksenia
Age 28
Date of birth 23 Apr 1991
Residence Ukraine, Kherson
Height 170 cm 5'7"
Weight 53 kg 116 lbs
Body type Slim
Hair color brown
Eye color blue
Education some college
English level basic
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation Student


I am cheerful and active. I love life and try to get as much from it as possible. I never lose heart and always try to find a positive side in everything. I thing I am a very well-read and creative person. I like learn something new about the world and people around me. But I can also be serious and grown up. I'm reliable and honest with everybody and myself. I don't like to build sand castles and try to do my best to achieve what I want by myself. I prefer active way of life and I like sports, traveling and walking by the sea. I like music and dancing, enjoy reading and sometimes writing my own poems. I like looking at the bright blue sky and lay on the green juicy grass, I like when it's warm and sunny. Sometimes, instead of partying, I choose to stay at home and watch a good movie. I would like to do it with my soul mate , it would be better than by myself.

Ideal Type

My soul mate, who is he? He's not a prince from a fairy tale, but a man who will understand and love me the way I am, not just a lover, but a best friend and a good listener, not a strong man but a man with a strong and mighty heart. I don't care about physical beauty that much. I need him to be caring and tender, to be able to make me feel that I'm safe. I want to feel as if I'm behind a stone wall and nothing can do any harm to me. If you are nice, sweet, sociable, merry and have a big heart – you're my man.