Russian woman Yana


Name Yana
Age 33
Date of birth 23 Oct 1988
Residence Ukraine, Nikolaev
Height 165 cm 5'5"
Weight 58 kg 128 lbs
Body type Athletic
Hair color light-brown
Eye color green
Education high school
English level intermediate
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation gaming house manager


I am very active and easy-going girl. I am energetic and people say that it's interesting to talk with me. I can help with advice. I can't lie and I hate when people lie. I think that it's necessary to be honest all the time, no matter how unpleasant the truth is. I am also a family-oriented girl. I can't imagine my life without a happy family.I like sports. I am fond of bowling and billiards. I like spending my vacation on nature. I also like to meet with my best friends and to spend time with them. There is nothing better for me then a talk with an interesting and intelligent person. I like to swim and I am fond of basket ball. I want to try some extreme types of sports in future.

Ideal Type

It's difficult to say what man I want to find. I actually don't know… Of course, he must be honest and understanding, loving and caring. But many men have these qualities. And I want to find just only one man! I think that I will feel when I meet him. I am sure that my heart will tell me that!