Russian girl Daniella


Name Daniella
Age 27
Date of birth 09 Mar 1993
Residence Ukraine, Kharkov
Height 165 cm 5'5"
Weight 55 kg 121 lbs
Body type Athletic
Hair color blond
Eye color brown
Education college
English level intermediate
Marital status never married
Children Have 0 children
Occupation Student


I am lady who is associated with Sunflower. My friends say its true as all the time where I appear it turns to be sunny and full of nice event and when I leave everything fades away. I believe that each of us has some purpose in life. And mine is to help people. The biggest joy in my life is when I see thankful eyes of people who i help and bring joy in their life. Only then I feel satisfied and happy, now unfortunately cos of working hard and long hours I don't have chance to find a man for me, but I hope that my intuition brought me here with some purpose and as result we get a wonderful wedding ceremony. I like a lo of things, singing.I sing in a pop group. I like walking and taking pics.

Ideal Type

I am myself quite strong and independent woman, but many men are afraid of such ladies here. Its sad they are not interested in inner world of a lady. As I am very tender, passionate and attentive lady. Love making also plays big part in my life. Its not just physical desire its a way of showing and expressing love. I am hoping to find here humble person who is satisfied with himself and loves the life he has. Who is ready to let me in there and share it with me. Who is romantic and adventures and just ready to open his heart and soul for the love i am ready to give. I think that each person deserves to love and be loved and I am ready to make one more person happy in his life. To gift him feeling of being loved and cared.